Monday, April 25, 2011

Almost in...

It's the final stage of our new home in the East.

Handsome and Princess chose their rooms and their paint, blue and pink-purple respectively. Lows team members are on a first name basis with us and our contractor Jeff misses sleep over the coming inspections. We think we should just move in with him and his family, I'm sure their home is very well built.

We celebrated the last week of building last weekend by... guess what.... building an IKEA closet for the walk-in! Still is fun. NOT.

Below are some photos from before. I promise to post the new and improved as soon as we are in, the art is hanged, towels on the hangers and my wine glass is filled :)

Granite in the kitchen

Preparing for the winter with radiant heat

Speckling 'shoes'

The neighbours asked me about the house warming party.....