Wednesday, July 20, 2011

5 Things You Can Do When Your Kids Are Away

G-d blessed me with a pair of awesome, magnificent human beings called: my parents. Earlier this month The Magnificents took our kids and off they went to grandma's house (Hallelujah sounds). While they are there I managed to work more (can't help it) but also to enjoy the following:
  • No limits time limit - no need to drop off, pick up, drive to, be there at, etc.
  • Guilt free days - with no cooking, next to nothing in the fridge, no guests-no cleaning policy and no-specific 'where' I should be at in 'no specific time', I'm free to roam the country... OK, county...fine- neighbourhood - on my own, at my own pace
  • The ultimate diet - no need to grocery shop and cook, definitely means slimmer. Add all-the-time-in-the-world-to-go-to-the-gym and I should be Julia Roberts by now. Is there anyway I can physically stretch me? I know how to stretch my time, abilities AND all about how to gain those cute stretch marks but I can't seem to stretch myself taller...Help?
  • Discover your girlfriends - well Aloha girls, I can finally go out with you. On our own! sans kids! do dangerous, adventurous stuff we never dared to before! Coming for coffee?
  • I can shop 'till I drop, I can party all night, I can read for hours, I can spend time with Hubby, I can talk on the phone, with NO INTERRUPTIONS at all for as long as I want; I can make my hair appointment whenever I want, I have time to get a facial/massage/whatever pampering thing I want, I can call/Skype with the kids and know they are coming back soon.
So forgive me for not staying long to chat, I have some places to go, people to see:)

Happy summer to you all,
Sara Brown.