Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Covet?

My dear readers, I have a confession to make. Yes, yes, a good old confession - try it sometime, it can do you good. Are you there? Are you reading?
Well here it is -

I covet.

There, said it. It's now out in the open and you all know this thing about me.
Some people consider it a sin. Some use it to create a scene, as for me - I guess it has become a way of life, because I covet all the time. I covet people's shoes (specially women) and bags while on the subway. I covet people's charming, tight, toned, skinny organs.
I covet when invited to people's homes, I definitely covet gadgets, I covet personality traits I haven't acquired yet and talents I do not have, I covet happiness when it occurs next to me (when I'm part of it I rest and let others covet for a change), I cover all sorts of coveting.

I covet followers. Would you be one? It might become a therapy of sorts....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amish and Phili Trip - Contacts

As promised, here they are:
The Mennonite info center offers a guide-in-your-car deal for $44, two hr. tour.
Independence National Historical Park is free, get you tickets at Indi hall in the morning of your trip.
Wilbur Chocolate factory is tasty but a waste of time tour-wise. Same minus 'tasety'goes for Julius Sturig Pretzel Bakery .
Landis Farm was great, would have been even greater if they added home cooked breakfast.
Reading Terminal Market is a fun place to grab lunch, as well as Marathon Grill on Chestnut.
Betsy Ross House was fun to stroll in, plus they have actors in period clothing answering questions inside.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Pennsylvania Trip

I love words, but sometimes visuals are kings too - so here are some photos for you:

We took a guide from the Mennonite Information Center which was a great deal ($44 for all of us in the car) and she explained everything and answered our curiosities - great deal, did I say that already?

Here we caught some Amish kids having lunch at the school yard. Yummy!

The Amish view was so relaxing...

Cloth lines everywhere... Thank G-d for washing machines

Plowing along

Quilts so elaborate...

Landis Farm Guest House - what a treat!

Loved the old wooden planks on the flour and the stoney exterior...

Need water?

The phone Fanni and scooter - who's calling please?

The legendary Amish buggy

Got mail?

Goat entertainment at the Landis Farm

Elfreth Alley

Independence Hall

I hope to add some links to the great places we've enjoye soon. In the meantime, make your day a wonderfully one!

Sara Brown.

Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Tame a Lion

Out of the shower in the women's locker after a great swim I heard a little girl talking loudly and very decisively about her leotard. The one that was brought is DEFINITELY not the right one. She dances ballet with the PINK one, not the BLACK! The black leotard is for GYMNASTICS!

Grandma, in a calm apologetic voice, tried to explain there's not enough time to go home and change leotards so the one they have will have to do.

Little Lioness was furious, the world had tipped over and left her with the wrong color on the wrong day and a grandma who doesn't understand anything!
Grandma got a bit upset, told Lioness to 'not get fresh'. Lioness didn't seem to notice, charging on about the leotard.

The tone became very agitated and loud. People were watching. I felt bad for grandma and suddenly understood what was so fascinating about bull fights. It wasn't the 'who will win this time' as much as 'how will they do it?' Curiosity and the urge to give Little Lioness a piece of my mind almost took over me as this  elder lady came in. She was definitely on grandma's side but didn't show it at first.

She floated into their space with a very calm, kind, low voice, and a generous smile. She started talking to Little Lioness's sister, asking her about her day, her yesterday and what she liked about her life in general. She than found a 'hook' and complimented grandma about her activities with the sister. Suddenly the spotlight was on the sister and she was very eager to share her experiences. By than the whole Esprit changed and we were all happily chatting in a positive way.

Only than did the Lion Tamer addressed the Little Lioness. She gave her an opportunity to come back to the stage with a positive attitude and a changed subject.

All spectators were relieved, grandma caught her breath, sisters were happy to chat, grandma got a friendly hug from The Tamer.

I love it when everyday occurrences become a learning opportunity. Plus, it reminded me of this book I'd like to recommend: Ella and The Naughty Lion, by Anne Cottringer

Have a wonderfull Weekend,
Sara Brown.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We were eating Matza (unleavened cracker that tastes like your usual cardboard diet food but is packed with calories) since last Monday night, when Passover started. My son, who's a big starch eater was the main suffering party, yet the rest of us off of that same family tree were not far behind. We looked forward to 'break bread' again.

So yesterday after school we went to Rockland Bakery , put on some disposable gloves and entered the 'Heichal', the baking room. Princess had a good time with the 'bagel slide' and Handsome kept handing me some awesome breads to put in the bag. Yours truly trolled around with an enormous brown bag filled with goodies. Thank G-d for freeze bags they hand out at the bakery, if not for those we would have gotten a bread poisoning.

Speeding home, chewing and singing spring songs, we saw police cars hiding in the budding bushes and slowed down. I guess we all need some dough:)

Enjoy Spring!
Sara Brown.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dual Day

On one side, me. My gooey gray matter at brain, keyboard and mouse at hand.
On the other side, my computer. Its programs and C-drive as semi brain, its blinking router at hand.
The scenery: my home office, a window to the sunny side of the yard, side chirpings.

Today was Dual day.
Today I hated Norton, who slows me down considerably; Today I seriously disliked Yahoo, which takes ages to register into and complicates things with tons of little, unnecessary, tiresome pop up boxes to fill out (would you like an avatar box? have friends you'd like to place in my database box? which color eyes would you like on your avatar box? do you have another email address I can send junk to box? any blogs you'd like to join at this moment box? yada box yada box and yet another yada box)

We usually make efforts to get along, my computer and I. Aiming for the win win situation, I try to turn a blind eye to its occasional mishaps, while it turns its blind screen spot toward my technical (dis)abilities. But today, as soon as I needed to join a webinar, it got all busy and lazy and wouldn't let me in. The webinar was lost to eternity of bytes waiting to be heard and I was lost to anger.

So I declared today the Dual Day, and we'll see who wins this game! (AKA, wait till hubby comes home!)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Google's April Fools

What a relief - Google is back from Kansas!
Princess had a fun day at school yesterday, the concept of practical jokes was explained, hands-on style. She came home full of astound stories about teachers teaming up with students to trick each other.. I had so much fun hearing her describe it!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Official Google Blog: A different kind of company name

Official Google Blog: A different kind of company name

Google is Gone, Long Live Topeka

I was trying to Google something just now and found out Google changed its name to Topeka!

I find it hilarious and was laughing my way through the article! You can read about it here.

Implications? - Of course. First and foremost, I call for a Topeka festival (kind of like Woodstock) in Google, Kansas. It will be the ultimate free-the-cutsie-geek event. Who's in for the planing committee?
So now emails will become tmails and we can Topenk at Starbucks:)