Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Pennsylvania Trip

I love words, but sometimes visuals are kings too - so here are some photos for you:

We took a guide from the Mennonite Information Center which was a great deal ($44 for all of us in the car) and she explained everything and answered our curiosities - great deal, did I say that already?

Here we caught some Amish kids having lunch at the school yard. Yummy!

The Amish view was so relaxing...

Cloth lines everywhere... Thank G-d for washing machines

Plowing along

Quilts so elaborate...

Landis Farm Guest House - what a treat!

Loved the old wooden planks on the flour and the stoney exterior...

Need water?

The phone Fanni and scooter - who's calling please?

The legendary Amish buggy

Got mail?

Goat entertainment at the Landis Farm

Elfreth Alley

Independence Hall

I hope to add some links to the great places we've enjoye soon. In the meantime, make your day a wonderfully one!

Sara Brown.

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