Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We were eating Matza (unleavened cracker that tastes like your usual cardboard diet food but is packed with calories) since last Monday night, when Passover started. My son, who's a big starch eater was the main suffering party, yet the rest of us off of that same family tree were not far behind. We looked forward to 'break bread' again.

So yesterday after school we went to Rockland Bakery , put on some disposable gloves and entered the 'Heichal', the baking room. Princess had a good time with the 'bagel slide' and Handsome kept handing me some awesome breads to put in the bag. Yours truly trolled around with an enormous brown bag filled with goodies. Thank G-d for freeze bags they hand out at the bakery, if not for those we would have gotten a bread poisoning.

Speeding home, chewing and singing spring songs, we saw police cars hiding in the budding bushes and slowed down. I guess we all need some dough:)

Enjoy Spring!
Sara Brown.

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