Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Tame a Lion

Out of the shower in the women's locker after a great swim I heard a little girl talking loudly and very decisively about her leotard. The one that was brought is DEFINITELY not the right one. She dances ballet with the PINK one, not the BLACK! The black leotard is for GYMNASTICS!

Grandma, in a calm apologetic voice, tried to explain there's not enough time to go home and change leotards so the one they have will have to do.

Little Lioness was furious, the world had tipped over and left her with the wrong color on the wrong day and a grandma who doesn't understand anything!
Grandma got a bit upset, told Lioness to 'not get fresh'. Lioness didn't seem to notice, charging on about the leotard.

The tone became very agitated and loud. People were watching. I felt bad for grandma and suddenly understood what was so fascinating about bull fights. It wasn't the 'who will win this time' as much as 'how will they do it?' Curiosity and the urge to give Little Lioness a piece of my mind almost took over me as this  elder lady came in. She was definitely on grandma's side but didn't show it at first.

She floated into their space with a very calm, kind, low voice, and a generous smile. She started talking to Little Lioness's sister, asking her about her day, her yesterday and what she liked about her life in general. She than found a 'hook' and complimented grandma about her activities with the sister. Suddenly the spotlight was on the sister and she was very eager to share her experiences. By than the whole Esprit changed and we were all happily chatting in a positive way.

Only than did the Lion Tamer addressed the Little Lioness. She gave her an opportunity to come back to the stage with a positive attitude and a changed subject.

All spectators were relieved, grandma caught her breath, sisters were happy to chat, grandma got a friendly hug from The Tamer.

I love it when everyday occurrences become a learning opportunity. Plus, it reminded me of this book I'd like to recommend: Ella and The Naughty Lion, by Anne Cottringer

Have a wonderfull Weekend,
Sara Brown.


  1. Great post! Thanks for your comment and visit - have a great weekend.

  2. What a Great 'lesson' post! I wish I could handle some situations like the tamer did. I'm afraid my first reaction would of been to give that little girl a piece of my mind too, along with a lecture on respect & it probably wouldn't have made a lasting difference. But how this lady handled it, sure did! Great Post & thanks for sharing!!! ~ Coreen

  3. Wonderful story! Thanks for posting. And thanks for stopping by the other day!