Monday, April 5, 2010

Dual Day

On one side, me. My gooey gray matter at brain, keyboard and mouse at hand.
On the other side, my computer. Its programs and C-drive as semi brain, its blinking router at hand.
The scenery: my home office, a window to the sunny side of the yard, side chirpings.

Today was Dual day.
Today I hated Norton, who slows me down considerably; Today I seriously disliked Yahoo, which takes ages to register into and complicates things with tons of little, unnecessary, tiresome pop up boxes to fill out (would you like an avatar box? have friends you'd like to place in my database box? which color eyes would you like on your avatar box? do you have another email address I can send junk to box? any blogs you'd like to join at this moment box? yada box yada box and yet another yada box)

We usually make efforts to get along, my computer and I. Aiming for the win win situation, I try to turn a blind eye to its occasional mishaps, while it turns its blind screen spot toward my technical (dis)abilities. But today, as soon as I needed to join a webinar, it got all busy and lazy and wouldn't let me in. The webinar was lost to eternity of bytes waiting to be heard and I was lost to anger.

So I declared today the Dual Day, and we'll see who wins this game! (AKA, wait till hubby comes home!)

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