Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cyber Fun

I promised fun blog 'rooms' so here they are, and there are some sites in there, too:

Craft Bits

Why? because I love the layout of their pages, because its loaded with craft projects, which I LOVE, and the instructions for these projects are detailed and clear; because it involved the community (write for it, vote, etc.)
Downside? It's loaded with those commercials that keep reappearing.

Karim Rashid

Why? because I LOVE his designs and it's always inspiring to visit
Downside? same as downside below


Why? because it has the best photo-stories
Downside? It's a time warp. You get in and there's no knowing when you'll emerge... I usually emerge when dinner smells smokey:(

Snippet and Ink

Why? because I loved the humor and photos
Downside? If you're not into weddings...

Design Sponge

Why? because I love the design of their layouts, love the photos, rooms and links they write about
Downside? can't think of one...

A Gift Wrapped Life

Why? because I love their photos and design suggestions
Downside? can't think of one...

Patricia Gray

Why? it makes me happy:)
Downside? you'll get the urge to go spending right after visiting this blog. Don't say I didn't warn you...

La La Lovely Things

Why? Amazing photos., inspiring!
Downside? uncontrollable shopping/travelling urge will ensue...

I could cyber travel forever, discovering great blogs and sites, but I need to work and today is the Shavuot evening....

Happy Shavuot and good week to you all!

Sara Brown.

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