Friday, October 1, 2010

Women from Marse....

Hubby stayed home today. Definition is: Working From Home. He DOES work, yet it's nice to have him near....

When he calls to update his phone message he uses the following line, that makes me stop dead in my tracks (trail of laundry scattered on the floor) and listen in amazement: "I'll be working remotely today", he says, and keeps talking about communicating with him.

Oh, language nuances, how I love thee! Every so often someone comes up with a line or a word that keeps me entertained (or entwined) for hours, and this line was certainly one of them, because if I was the one leaving that message it would have probably sounded like this:

"Good morning, this is Sara Brown. I'll be working from home today. My kids are sick/I'm signing a house contract/my relative died (G-d forbid) /it's a very important religious holiday/ I'm on my way to the hospital to give birth but I'll be in tomorrow/my car died/it's been snowing all night and we are waiting for the rescue squad/ we've been flooded and I'm calling you from the evacuation location...I am so terribly sorry I missed you and would love to talk to you as soon as I can and make it up to you just so you are not bothered with my sudden absence so I'll make it up to you as soon as I come on Monday, don't worry it will be fine and I can certainly work from home using the phone and computer, I actually have two! Just like in the office, and one of them is portable so I can actually take it with me wherever I go, so, you understand, It's just like being in the office... you know what, I think I'll manage to pop in later on today, maybe in two hours but DO leave me a message and I'll return a call as soon as I hang up. Have a nice day!"

Really? no, not exactly, but that would have been what I would have thought as I actually left the carefully versed 3-5 liners about 'working remotely'.

What's your version?

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