Sunday, March 20, 2011

We Have Rooms!

My original title was: We sheetRocketed, but I change it since it didn't come out the way I felt...

A lot has happened in the past month:

I visited CA with Handsome and saw my friends, hugged Laurie and Nolan, dined at the Hagit's, felt the warm air, danced at Jacob's Bar Mitzvah, even got big bright lemons from my friend Orit's garden!

We ordered all tiles, put in all windows, chimney'd the chimney, got all our faucets, ordered all the light fixtures, got air and electricity in, passed inspections and.... have sheetrock in! what can I say - we rock!

Our architect Raul of Imagine Architecture is amazing and so is our very favorite builder, carpenter and contractor Jeff  from Jeff Berger and Sons, who calms us when we get too anxious and explains every step so we can 'see' it in our minds eye even when there's nothing to see... yet.

Below you can see how far we got.... so far:)

Garage side

Hopefully we'll have enough money for a fancier outhouse. Just kidding....

Before the chimney went up...

Chimney is up - isn't she lovely? 

There's a window over there now - promise to post a picture soon

Our bedroom atop the vaulted ceiling of the living room 

Have I mentioned we now have actual rooms now, since the sheetrock is in?

In the rooms and bathrooms, that is...

Bubble bath anyone?

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