Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pie is Just Another Mathematical Term

I hate Math. I've been hating it ever since first grade. OK, lets adjust it a bit. I hate Math when it doesn't come in the shape of personal donation to me. Because when it is money in my pocket, I kinda' like it.

So today I went to the biggest mall in the area (New York address - surprise surprise), got the kids and hubby happy... so happy they let me wonder off ALONE (would you believe it?) and thus, free as a wait-less bird, relaxed and liberated, I went off shopping.
What can I tell you, I searched high, I searched low, I went in between the shelves and inside the fitting rooms (many a times) and nothing worked. The only fitting thing in MY room was my own old clothes. Which brought me to the sad conclusion that we either need a revolution (where the hell did I put my soap box when we left California???) or I need to get fit. Fit for fittings - what a revolutionary idea!

I left the mall with one small bag. In it were three items:
  1. A gift for my friend Jan (great woman)
  2. Fancy matches (I wish they could burn fat) for the fireplace
  3. A scent diffuser for the restroom (to keep others from smelling all those fiber units I'll be eating from now on).

As soon as we came home this Pecan Pie jumped me with her friend the spoon. I tell you - they had no mercy! Than again, Pie is just another number right? just like size, carbohydrates units and the amount of holes you need to tighten in your belt.

Did I tell you how I don't like Math?

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