Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Appeal for Curves Appeal

I have to say something in favor of the curvaceous woman. Curvaceous - such a sophisticated, all tangled up word, and indeed we are. It seems we all strive for the thin, one-dimension woman. Starve up, then enhance your bust a few sizes over and, voila, the perfect woman. Goes well with our slim, limit-your-step skirt. You don't need to get very far honey, just be pretty and the driver will take you where you need to go.
Well, I want to DRIVE MY OWN car, be my own engine, Yes I can Yes I can, use my long stride steps, no more than the obligatory 2" heel. If I need to run to where I'm going - I should be able to do so.
So, having aired this great theory, I went out and shopped for a tight, curves hugging skirt suit. With it came the obligatory tummy shaper and a pair of Ann Taylor's control top tights.
I wore all of it out and would recommended it for as long as you can hold your breath. With my ribs dented and my airways twisted to find some air I can't say I'll wear this assemblage again.
Best of all - My friend Shellie told me I look like I've lost weight.
So, wait, maybe that shaper has a long term effect....

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