Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Boston Trip

I came back in love with Boston. The architecture, the food (Legal Seafood and others), the vegetation, the air, the history laid against the modern - everything was so beautiful in this city and we had a wonderful time.

Chestnut the quint Beacon Hill neighbourhood is just AMAZINGLY beautiful.

Taking a swan ride is fun, as long as you come in season for it. Pay attention to your driver's thighs - it's a pretty good workout...

Window shopping at Newbury Street - it's fun to see how windows were designed to lure you in(not that I need much luring)...

The Children's Museum is a wonderful place to spend some quality fun time with your family.With many interesting exhibits, Arthur,Japanese and the climbing structure, all of us had a ball!

Having a tea pot just on top of Starbucks.....

Boston has walking tours around the city, called Boston by Foot. We took one the Little Feet tour, the basic for families kind-of-tour.

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