Thursday, October 22, 2009

5 Things I Like About NJ

If you are one of those people who are looking at the screen now saying: why only 5? and you can think of more, PLEASE DO ADD THEM as comments. I'd love to hear from you!
  1. The ONLY time I can appreciate the 25-40mph speed limit is on a day like today, sunny and nice, as I travel (said speed limit observed) through a street shaded by big leafy trees which make for a canopy of red, orange, yellow and green above me. There's just enough breeze to have the fallen leaves ahead of me dance, skipping in the wind, saying: "Follow the yellow leaf road, follow the yellow leaf road - because because because, it's gonna get cold..."
  2. I found this near by OUTLET MALL called Woodbury. In one half a day I found me the necessary bubble-wrap coat, some cool (warm) jackets, kids clothes and now I see I absolutely HAVE to get back there for shoes.
  3. We are soooo close to NYC! Shellie and I made a quick unplanned trip into town yesterday, got off the bus, walked our way to MAD - Museum of Arts and Design, saw the Slash and Read My Pins exhibits and were back in time to pick up the kids!
  4. OK, now I'm stack. I'm stalling. I have no more favorite so I sit here and correct the spelling of those three other items... corrected. Hmmmm...Well, we are kinda' close to Boston too...
  5. Our library is magnificent. Very welcoming. Really!

Would you help me find more?

Stay warm and safe,

Sara Browne

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