Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We unfriended (new word, check it out at Urban dictionary) our old car. Now I have the all-too-gadgety Acura. I still look for my white Nissan in the parking lot... than surprised to find someone has left me this mighty car instead (thanks Yuvali:). Wouldn't it be wonderful if such trades were to happen with any unwanted chore? The laundry pile, ironing, job searching, unhappy/groggy kids? You'd walk away and come back to find everything smoothed out, tucked away, and happy to see you!

When my new car observes me, it bows its headlights and greets me with a jolly beep, window wipers flattering gently. The seat, mirrors and whole ambiance of this Acura adjust to my specifications, cell phone frees itself to my convenience and the kids breath the new-car scent, immediately relaxing into a meditative stage provided by the SPA channel, at XM satellite radio. All of us descend into a world of quiet, tranquil existence.... for the duration of the car ride, of course.

This car is voice activated, button operated and easy (if you read the 500 page manual) to use. It can read into my phone contacts and I suspect, with a little bit of help, will be able to guess my mood and pick the right music for the occasion, push the panic button and a butler will show up with my drink of choice, read us a bed time story and lullaby us to a heavenly sleep on the heavenly leather upholstered adjustable chairs. Who knows, maybe it can paint my toenails while rushing to take care of business.

Hitting reality now I realize we have to pay for it. Any employment opportunities you want to share with me?

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