Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5 Good Things About The Snow

I recently spoke to my friend Laurie on the phone. She said they are taking their drinks outside, so they can sun bath. Outch.

We had about 20 degrees that day. And it wasn't the cozy Celsius kind. So here's the advantages of snow for you, Laurie, and all of you who think snow is just cold weather. Snow is a life changing experience!
  1. It is a known rule - when temperature drops, enjoy all the CARBS you want!
  2. Sun bathing in the snow is much more time effective - you get reflections on all sides so your tan is even (got that pun?) more perfect.
  3. You get to spend lots of cozy family quality time at home.
  4. Snow falling is such a magnificent picture!
  5. There's a whole lot of winter fashion we enjoy - most of my wardrobe can be black because I can ACCESSORIES now. So many scarves, hats, sweaters and layers, not to mention the BOOTS.
  6. Here's a bonus one - I can neat more AND wear it, too!

Family Quality Time - Gaby's reading!

Winter Fashion Show

Winter Picture

Stay Warm and healthy
Sara Brown.

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