Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snowed Inn.

First time we shoveled snow this year. Yuval went out with my dad and they did most of the hard work. I was asleep in our cozy bed so I couldn't take a photo of them - sorry.
It snowed before but not to the extent of actually shoveling it. This time it started snowing Saturday afternoon and in the morning we found ourselves looking at about two inches of fluff covering the grounds completely! First the snow is like dipping in whipped cream - very impressive and VERY COLD. My son said today that he is positively sure he's turning into an icicle. Me too.

So here's how it looks like:

This snow cake waited for us on the deck

Let me slide across these stairs...

The back yard

Best Shoveler

Best shoveler taking a rest

Shoveling helper at work

Proud shoveling helper

The front yard, fluffed to perfection

Stay warm and happy,

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