Monday, September 20, 2010

Flex Your Brain Morning Routine

My son is going through.. puberty. There, I said it. I rather call it 'maturity'. Sticky business, if you ask me. As part of the maturity process we might open our breakfast with a question like "why do women wear bra?" or "how many times do you need to have sex in a week?" - I've been coughing a lot at breakfast lately.

But when my daughter asked me this morning, while tying her shoe laces "why do I feel so alone in the world all the time?" I didn't cough and no one could have heard the tiny cracking sound of my heart. I know she misses grandma, I can guess what Sartre would have said, yet I didn't know what answer to give my 6 years and 3 days old daughter. I certainly know how she feels but why now? and how could she verbalize it so well when it took me a lot more years and a slew of theories to recognize what I felt and name it?

We went for a walk with the dog - always a good way to reconnect with the creator and find answers... or fend them off... As we were walking I told princess I know how she feels (affirmation is good, right?), I told her many writers, philosophers and artists have tried to find an answer for her question because it's a very important one.... and then I had to answer it already, no more stalling, so... so I said I know she misses grandma and grandpa and by making new friends and staying in touch with old friends and family, we can lower that 'alone' feeling. I'm still looking for a better answer. It was an enormous, great question and I'm sure I'll find many more answers through life but I need an answer now, so if you have one - PLEASE COMMENT. What would you have answered?

On our way to school she asked if the sun that shines at grandma's is the same sun that shines on us and how could it be - what an easy question to answer! Thank G-d for 6th grade geography.
And what a beautiful young brain, to think of a unison like that... life is truly AMAZING.

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