Monday, November 8, 2010

My Life in Increments

24 hours in a day. That's 1,440 minutes a day. I sleep for some, so that's lost.
7 days in a week. Two of which are weekend days. Weekend days are stretched. They worth more. I cram much more into my weekend list.
60 minutes in an hour, 10,080 minutes in a week.

It takes 15 min. to move about town in every which direction.
It takes 30 min. to get to any store, work, etc. Then you have to get back, so double that time.

School has about one event a month you have to be in. Lost two hours including the drive.

Grocery shopping takes about two hours a week, if you are really, absolutely, no nonsense, ridiculously efficient shopper. I can't. I tend to follow my eyes, daydream, feel hungry, shop for more then we need. With kids? - add 15 min. at list.

Walking the dog = 15 min. twice a day.

Showers, other mundane everyday human needs - about two hours a day.

Homework, programs, lectures, extra curricular classes, wait to pick up - about 7 hours a week.

Computer/gadget time - 3 hours a week. OK, OK, it's more.... I don't know how much more? How many?

Are we there yet?
What will I do when I retire?

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