Monday, December 13, 2010

Posts I Havn't Written

It's been a while since I wrote, sorry I've been away for so long...
I thought about you almost everyday, tossing titles for the next post in my head, not getting to use them.

Hear they are for your inspection - choose the best one and I'll write about it:

  • Windex, Paper towel, GO - stories of the 24 hour virus
  • If everyone else has HW and he doesn't, it doesn't necessarily means he's a genius, it might be he's NOT DOING IT - stories of the homeworkly pressed
  • Thank G-d I'm out of the electric closet - mapping out a new work place
  • Building permits are no picnic - well, Da...
  • The sweet illusion of part time positions - if you're a working mom you know what I mean
  • The door left ajar is the hardest one - mystery
Stay warm,
Sara Brown.

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