Friday, August 14, 2009

The City

So we joined the crowd of New York goers or as they say it here: we went to The City. Kind of familiar, close by, and yet o-so-important, The City.
All dressed up and packed light we waited, my son and I, in the station for our bus. Now we too, were amongst the important people who have business to attend in The City.
We went to The Jewish Museum and the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, ate in an Italian restaurant with more waiters-in-suits than actual diners, walked 5th and Madison, and saw all those fashionable New York dwellers going about their business as if they didn't know they lived in The City.
Now, the reason I'm telling all this is because I'm actually setting stage for the real, priceless, ever so magnificent big, great moment of the day. Are you holding on? are you in full attention? Don't take your break now, listen to this:
I got a complement from my son!
We joined a tour in the Jewish Museum, my son was participating so nicely with the docent, the other visitors thought I get a paycheck at the end. They were so smitten by him that they asked him where did he learn all this knowledge from? and so he said (hold on to your chairs, take a breath, drink some water) "My mom taught me everything I know, I owe it all to her".

Some moments are just bigger than life. They are the kind truly worth living for. They fill you with love and joy. So there, you've got something to look forward to. Beware, it will catch you when you least expect it:)


  1. Teaching our children about our roots is our responsibility as a parent.
    You got the best compliment ever!!!!!!
    Good job!!!!!!!

    Isabelle H