Saturday, August 22, 2009

A trip to The City. I watched about 4 episodes of 'what not to wear' yesterday so I'll be dressed right for the occasion. Don't want to be caught in The City without the appropriate attire - right? or: Where are Stacy and Clinton when you need them....

The guy was very interesting, seeing hair dressing as sculpting. I was in for a treat.
The song that was rolling in my slowly melting brain (very hot, very humid, occasional showers) was Janice Joplin's "Oh lord, won't you buy me..."

Oh hairdresser, won't you cut me, a textured, cute cut
one that
looks pretty in
the morning and night?

See, when I go for a haircut it's not just the maintenance that I'm looking for, it's the treat.
Sitting on that chair flipping through all the different possibilities to beautify myself. All the best versions of myself 'till now and the endless possibilities that will soon erupt from the mind of a talented, scissorhand hairdresser.

It doesn't really matter if we come to the (almost) same result every time, its those few moments of the before, with the endless possibilities floating in my mind. Of course, I need to look like a model in the end...but it's the ride that counts.

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