Sunday, February 21, 2010

6 Golden Rules to Cellular Etiquette

  1. If you don't have anything to say but would like to pass the time, or if you don't have a piece of REALLY juicy gossip for us - take your phone and leave the room. We have our own to-do lists and boring tales, we don't need to hear yours.
  2. If WE are engaged in a conversation or past time, there's no room for your long lost friends and family unless you have them over and a proper, personal introduction is made.
  3. Texting hold the same rules. Yes, I can still see you texting under the table...
  4. If it's me calling and you have to accept the call (of course) let me know right at the start I'm on speaker phone in your car/office and am talking to all of your back seat  friends/kids/carpool mates.
  5. You have to take the call? Really have to? Excuse yourself and go out (I know it's freezing, you had to, remember?)
  6. Public domain is, as its name hints: PUBLIC. Have your PRIVET conversations in PRIVET.
You are not perceived as very important when you are constantly on the phone, just an arrogant nudge. Kapish?

Stay warm and in touch:)
Sara Brown.

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