Thursday, February 11, 2010

First Snow Day

A childish joy came over us this last Wednesday as the Snow Day was announced by the schools. It caught us getting ready to go to bed, so we all jumped around for a while. Hubby anticipated the snow storm so we had some real good lamb chops for lunch - yummy!
Surprisingly enough, my kids got off screens for awhile and we all enjoyed Candy Land, Uno and Tacki - great games even when your kids bit you! We called grandma and broad-casted breaking news about the snow levels throughout the day, checked on our friends and managed to shovel a bit in the late afternoon.
Here are some photos for you:

Donald finding his way in the snow

Donald is back from the cold

Our neighbors snowy fence

The plants became snow stands

Our sunny California outdoor table became a snow cake at 9am.

Our snow cake at noon

Our snow cake gets measured at noon

Our snow cake at 2pm

Our snow cake at around 4

Our snow cake at 5

Our snow cake at 6, about 12" of snow!

Our snow man is ready and the entryway is Finlay shoveled -Hooray!

Sentence of the day: A family that shovels together, gets massages together!

Stay warm,
Sara Brown.

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