Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Love Day

I know it's tomorrow, Being Jewish we celebrate the concept, so we started today.
I took Prince Charming to The Miracle Worker with the charming Abigale Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine, remember?) as Helen Keller, Alison Pill as Helen's teacher, Annie Sullivan (also acted in one of the best movies ever, Dan in Real Life), and one of my favorites on House, as Helen's mother: the lovely Jennifer Morrison. The show took place in this gem of a theater, Circle in the Square, where the stage is circular, the theater small and you can see, sniff and feel the presence of the actors from every corner of it.
We later went for some coffee and Pizza (guess who ate what) and took the bus home - lot's of mother-son interactive time.

When we got home we found out there were surprises waiting for us. Father-daughter time proved to be no less exciting: Princess got her nails done (I was holding on not to do it because it is so un-educational), I got an assortment of body creams from the Body Shop, all pleasantly tried out by the house Princess, and an assortment of chocolates in flavors I really like from Godiva. In addition, I got this massager that looks like... well... it is a family blog, so I won't say, but you know what I mean...

It was all very educational really, so explained Hubby, as part of the campaign to stop Princess from sucking her royal thumb they got the NO liquid to put on the poor thumb and the nails done (highly effective reward part of the campaign).

We ended the day watching The Invention of Lying which has a great concept and a beautiful execution, plus I like Barbie like Jennifer Garner.

And the kitchen sink (had to peek) was clean. Yippee!

Feel free to tell us how you spent your Love Day!

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