Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Different Kind of Shoppers - what kind of shopper are you?

There are  many kinds of shoppers, a whole spectrum really, but I decided to focus on three of them, so here they are:
  • The Online Shopper - "I know it, I need it, click click -I got it. NEXT".
  • The Tactile Shopper - "Let me feel it, leaf though it, smell it, try it on, smile to me, be nice, offer your help, I'm here for the shopping experience, not too much! you're bugging me! there, just the right amount of attention. Thanks. I'll be back for more".
  • The Window Shopper - "Wow, look at this! look at that! let me zigzag among stores all day long. I don't really need it, I don't really want to spend on it, but this is so much fun, so I'm here for the experience of it".
Which kind of shopper are you? How many percentage of you is Window, online or tactile? When do you feel mostly tactile? online? window?

Hope to hear from you soon,
Sara Brown.

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