Saturday, March 27, 2010

Passover, Holiday of Spring, Cleaning and Freedom

Passover is one of my favorite holidays, and I'm a big holiday lover. The whole deal with family gathering, good food, 4 cups of wine (I do half each time, from the good wine, not to fall into the equation of 'too much of a good thing'...) reading and singing does it for me. I love the party, the ceremony, I certainly love reading and tradition, and if I didn't mention before - I'm quite the foodie.

Preparing makes for a great celebration - gets you excited and in the mood, especially after scrubbing and shining all the silver, hidden corners and back panels. You feel the calories, unfocused and a bit confused with fumes, detaching themselves from your chubby zones and off they go to fuse themselves to someone else's hiney.

Holiday of Spring
Back in California we had budding and blooming, sunshine, chirping and buzzing all day long. We could barbecue year round, hike naked in the great outdoors and indulge barefooted at the sandy beaches.

Here in New Jersey we had rain, than snow, than Hurricane, now cold, with some sun and some budding bloomers outside. The trees that survived the storm can be heard singing: 'I'm still standing' and the deers came back from wherever they interned for the winter. Chipmunks were recently seen jumping in the back yard and Donald Dog is, once again, imagining the squirrels on a spit.

We are so happy with every budding flower you'd think we came back from exile. Which leads me to...

Sounds trivial but there's something to be said about freedom. We take it for granted. And we seriously shouldn't. This week I lost some of my mobility. My nerve/muscle/sling/tendon got over-stretched and announced a strike. It's amazing how much each of our organs does every day, how much mobility and freedom it enables us. It's amazing how many little choices we are able to allow ourselves everyday. I think we should be thankful for it all, and I am. Are you?

I was saved, this Passover, delivered from agony and pain to the land of jump-with-joy , thanks to the very talented masseuse Yannei. I can roam freely around the county. Can you hear me now?

To health, L'Chayim!

Yours truly,
Sara Brown.

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