Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Jersey Dreaming

It is Spring here, in New Jersey. The heat is on, birds started chirping, the park and its swings in a springy blast of action. Our friends took us to the Meat Market in NYC yesterday and there, too, was a springy blast of action, of a different kind of course.

We had a rough storm last week, my son informed me it was a level one Hurricane and some of my friends here just got their electricity back. It could be fun, a candle lit evening of board games and family quality time, but after a special evening like that most people want to get back to their blessed routine of free screens for all, watch their favorite TV show, cozy up with their computer or just zap the TV channels and complain. If you add the heat component you can understand how hard were we hit, due to the known parabola: no electricity = no warmth.

So we are out and about now, counting budding flowers outside, enjoying a light tan and one of those little umbrella drinks. Cheers!

Go out and celebrate,
Sara Brown.

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